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  • Inputs
    "address": "string: address explanation",
    "address_id": "integer: id of address record to be edited",
    "city": "string: city name",
    "country": "string: country name",
    "lat": "float numeric: has dependency to long: optional",
    "long": "float numeric: has dependency to lat: optional",
    "postal_code": "string: Postal code"

  • Errors
    "enter_valid_address": "using unacceptable characters in address",
    "enter_valid_postal_code": "using unacceptable characters in postal code",
    "invalid_city": "if the city name could not be found in the list of cities in country",
    "invalid_country": "if the country name could not be found",
    "maximum_address": "the user already has maximum number of allowed addresses",
    "must_login": "user must be login"

  • Extra Description
Update user's address in account in order to send and receive products or services in store

  • Sample
  • Url:
  • Output:
    "status": "success",
    "time": 1526968568.7401965