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  • Inputs
    "phone_number": "phone number: example: +18885559977"

  • Errors
    "deleted_account": "while user delete his/her account, for a specific time could not register again",
    "kicked_account": "user violates a rule in application or reported by other users and cannot login for a specific amount of time",
    "must_logout": "user is already logged in"

  • Extra Description
Request a secure code for register into Pantel for the first time or login into a new device. the sending_method showes where it sends the code; device or sms. if the user already has a live session code will be sent to it's device, otherwise code will be sent as sms

  • Sample
  • Url:**********
  • Output:
    "phone_code_hash": "vrosj0yjwrt2r7hd",
    "sending_method": "device",
    "status": "success",
    "time": 1546331813.7664442