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  • Inputs
    "contact": "a list of at least one dictionary or more, containing phone_number and name as Dict-key and their values as Dict-value: example: [{\"phone_number\": \"+11111111111\", \"name\":\"name stirng\"}]"

  • Errors
    "no_valid_phone_number_or_name": "invalid input in contact"

  • Extra Description
Receives a list of dictionaries including 'phone_number' and 'name' and adds them to the user contacts

  • Sample
  • Url:[{"phone_number":"%2b11111111111","name":"JohnDoe"}]
  • Output:
    "new_contacts": "[{'contact_id': 1001128, 'name': 'JohnDoe'}]",
    "status": "success",
    "time": 1547468347.5584528