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  • Inputs
    "chat_id": "string: chat id excludes other inputs",
    "phone_number": "phone number: example: +18885559977, excludes other inputs",
    "user_id": "integer: user id excludes other inputs",
    "user_name": "string between 4 to 40 characters: excludes other inputs",
    "wall_id": "integer: wall id excludes other inputs"

  • Errors
    "chat_id_is_invalid": "chat id is not valid",
    "must_login": "user must be login",
    "permission_denied": "user is not a member to view the profile picture or the profile owner blocks the user",
    "phone_number": [
            "null value not allowed": "input not a valid phone number"
    "user_name_does_not_exist_or_not_valid": "user name does not exist or not valid",
    "user_not_found": "no user register with this phone number or user id"

  • Extra Description
Return the last profile picture of the specific profile

  • Sample
  • Url:**********
  • Output:
    "result": {
        "image_path": "*/*/*/*/*/********************/i4e44f13ea4170cxbvg76232cec922a44.jpg",
        "image_server_id": 1,
        "media_id": 1593948234631487
    "status": "success",
    "time": 1545829375.192471