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  • Inputs
    "base": "integer: has dependency to page: for sorting into multiple pages: optional",
    "chat_id": "string: chat id",
    "message_id": "integer: message id",
    "page": "string: allowed: 'next', 'prev': has dependency to base: for sorting into multiple pages: optional"

  • Errors
    "deleted_message": "message was deleted",
    "disabled_wall": "wall was disabled",
    "must_login": "user must be login",
    "no_valid_message_id": "message_id is incorrect or not in chat",
    "permission_denied": "user dont have permission",
    "user_is_not_member": "user not a member of private chat"

  • Extra Description
Get a list of users that likes a message

  • Sample
  • Url:
  • Output:
    "result": [
            "base": 1,
            "file_path": null,
            "full_name": "reza amiri",
            "id": 1031762,
            "server_id": null,
            "user_name": "rezaamiri"
    "status": "success",
    "time": 1526966340.437936