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  • Inputs
    "chat_id": "string: excludes wall_id",
    "permissions": "list of strigs: list of permissions :optional",
    "user_id": "list of integers: list of user id's",
    "wall_id": "integer: excludes chat_id"

  • Errors
    "Please_enter_max_one_user_id": "user_id in input is more than one",
    "disabled_wall": "wall_id is not valid or wall was disabled",
    "enter_at_least_one_entry": "insufficient inputs",
    "must_login": "user must be login",
    "not_member": "user is not a member of the chat or does not have role to change permissions",
    "permission_denied": "user is not owner nor admin of the wall"

  • Extra Description
It change users permissions in chats or walls

  • Sample
  • Url:[1009305]&wall_id=-1000104&permissions=["send_message", "delete_message", "edit_message", "change_wall_pic"]
  • Output:
    "status": "success",
    "time": 1526966340.437936